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It really doesn't get any sweeter than this! 

This is more than a festival and not your average expo it's a dedicated showcase to all things Dessert!

Ever dreamed of walking through an endless wonderland of exquisite desserts and sweet treats? Then this event is the ultimate dream come true. 

Visitors will find everything from cakes and macarons, to pastries, gelato, fudge, ice-cream, brownies, cupcakes, dessert cocktails and more - it’s a dessert foodie paradise!  Dessert enthusiasts are invited to get ready to treat themselves to a range of indulgent delights.

Whether you have a passion for desserts or its your profession or maybe you are just curious about the industry and what it has to offer- The Dessert Expo will have something for everyone! Doors will open at the first-ever Dessert Expo in Cape Town on 23, 24 & 25 November 2018 at the Cape Town Stadium.

This 3-day live event will highlight new industry trends, ideas and recipes and expose attendees to special offers and giveaways.  Visitors will be able to enjoy workshops hosted by industry specialists & chefs and stock up on the latest supplies and discover new business opportunities. This event is suitable for everyone - it’s a great day out for the whole family and friends!

The Dessert Expo will be interactive, educational and entertaining - it will be the ultimate experiential live event for ALL Dessert Connoisseurs.

You can look forward to local celebrity demos, competitions, loads of tasty treats and all the latest industry related supplies and equipment!

The Dessert Expo will ooze pure decadence!

Have specific Dietary requirements? 

It goes without say that The Dessert Expo will be an indulgent affair - High in Fat & Sugar content but...     The Dessert Expo will cater for ALL Dessert Enthusiasts of all Ages & Dietary Needs!


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The Dessert Expo Showcase... 

Dessert... The ‘sweet’ finale that turns each meal into a memorable event!

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